Baylor’s New Coach Knows He Can’t Avoid Title IX Questions, And He Doesn’t Want To

With pending lawsuits still hovering over the university, Baylor’s new head football coach, Matt Rhule, is not shying away from the tough topics and says he’s addressing them head on.

“I feel like I’m called to be here,” said Rhule, who left the University of Temple last year to become the head man in Waco. “To kind of fix this.”
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What is College Football’s Magic Number?

On the eve of the second inaugural College Football Playoff, I ask, how many teams should get to play for a championship? Every sport does what is best for competition, MONEY, and its teams. As much as you do not want to exclude championship caliber teams, you also do not want undeserving teams taking part either. In short, there is no universal right answer, nor will any answer be perfect every year. The point is to get it right as often as possible and deal with abnormalities as they go. Read More