US Population Diversifies While Voting Population Lags Behind

Citizens have questioned the validity of governing bodies throughout history. In America, this is especially true. In a large country of immigrants, many question if their government truly represents their people, even if it means undermining the democracy their forefathers built. When examining such a democracy, understanding voter turnout is important in determining who is really determining elections. The United States has consistently had one of the lowest voter turnout rates of not only western civilization, but of all developed nations, since the mid-1960s

Slavery’s Economic Effect on the New World

It was economic, though incredibly despicable. If their focus was strictly economic, then it makes sense that perpetual slavery would be the one they chose, as it would be the most labor one could possibly acquire. African slavery in the New World, in short, was about making the colonies profitable and viable, not about oppressing Africans, though it ultimately became a racially oppressive system that they would go to war to protect.