Dallas-Fort Worth Stronger Than Ever in Face of Adversity

One month ago the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex was shaken by the loss of five police officers to a senseless act of violence.

The easy route, in the aftermath of such a tragedy, would be to quit; go home, hide, and solicit pity. Citizens could easily have looked at that event and become cautious and reserved.

Adversity can irreparably damage people, even communities, but not North Texas. Every day since July 7 — a night most are still trying to purge from their memories – our residents have reaffirmed just how resilient our community is.

In tribute to those fallen officers, these residents, and the resolve of our nation as a whole, this article hopes to highlight just some of the great things that have been produced from DFW and its citizens. Every act is just another reminder of just how strong Dallas is.

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Opposites Attract

In my life, there are 2 seasons, and I am not talking about the weather patterns in Texas. I am talking about “football season” and “not-football season”. Do not get me wrong. March Madness, Opening Day, and the NBA Playoffs are plenty of calendar worthy events to fill up the off-season. And if you sprinkle some college baseball in there you might even forget what you usually do on Sunday afternoons, but there is nothing quite like football. That holds even more true when comparing other sporting events to America’s biggest television draw. Read More

The Power of the Player

The University of Missouri had an immense impact on the rest of the NCAA this week. This came about because The University ignored the voices of graduate students, minorities, women, political groups and athletes, for months. Had the University shown some propensity to change this would have never happened, but it did and it changed college athletics for the better. What I am talking about has everything to do with the players strike and nothing to do with the issues. Without getting into the details of their cause, the Mizzou football team proved that college athletes have power. The team is only 4-5 and is not likely to make a bowl, but with the threat of them sitting out a game, The University of Missouri system’s president was forced to resign. Read More