Opposites Attract

In my life, there are 2 seasons, and I am not talking about the weather patterns in Texas. I am talking about “football season” and “not-football season”. Do not get me wrong. March Madness, Opening Day, and the NBA Playoffs are plenty of calendar worthy events to fill up the off-season. And if you sprinkle some college baseball in there you might even forget what you usually do on Sunday afternoons, but there is nothing quite like football. That holds even more true when comparing other sporting events to America’s biggest television draw. Read More

Superman Has No Kryptonite

Full disclosure here, I am a Cam Newton fan. I was never sold on him as a pro-prospect, but I surely hoped he would develop to be a solid NFL starter. I definitely never imagined he would be this good. Outside of an unforeseen meltdown in one of his last 2 games, Cam has runaway with the MVP award and his team, the Carolina Panthers, are running away with the NFC. Not to say that Carson Palmer, Russell Wilson and Tom Brady are not having spectacular seasons, but none of them are doing it as well as Sir Cameron Newton. Read More

Odell Beckham: The American Dream

Odell Beckham Jr. is the sports headline of the week. If you missed it, you really missed out. In embarrassing, nauseating, and fascinating fashion, Odell Beckham went full on temper tantrum. At certain points in the game he became so caught up in the fight with the Panther’s secondary that he quit playing football. He just lined up and waited for the ball to be snapped to go head-hunting. The causation of these actions are speculative and range from frustration and immaturity to fear and ignorance. While I cannot tell you why he really did it, I can tell you it does not matter. Read More