Modern Slavery in One of Its Many Forms

The 2015 film Beasts of No Nation, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, is the story of how a child-soldier named Agu, actor Abraham Attah, becomes a part of a rebel, West African militant group led by ‘Commandant’, played by Idris Elba. It showed how a mostly ungoverned, resource-lacking portion of West Africa became home to several violent militant groups. Groups who roam the land in search of resources, regardless of how many innocent women and children they might have to kill on their way to acquiring them. It relays a pretty detail-less story of how an area with limited economic options and even less government control became a neo-slave experience for those least apt to fend for themselves. In short, the lack of a governing body to enforce any type of political economy can lead to contemporary forms of slavery by failing to enforce the labor rights of individuals, which is what happens to Agu and several others in Beasts of No Nation.

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