Dallas Stars Become Latest to Speak Out Against Texas ‘Bathroom Bill’

The Dallas Stars became the first major Texas sports franchise to formally oppose such legislation; however, NBCSports reported the Dallas Cowboys have been working behind the scenes to stop the bill as well, and the NBA’s league office has already proven they will not stand behind similar bills.

How Do You Watch sports?

The purpose of this article was to display the way I view sports and gauge how the rest of you view sports. Feel free to email me (clarkecharlie@sbcglobal.net) or DM me on Twitter (@CWClarke18) and tell me how you watch sports or a story of how your viewing experience has changed. I’d love to hear from as many of you as I can!

The Most Confusing Narrative in the NBA

You might feel like Stephen Curry is the leagues humble superstar, but you would be wrong. Steph is cocky and talented and he knows it. You might think he is an underdog, but he expects to be here. He just wont say it. Steph has all the confidence in the world. You can see it every time he runs down the court while his shot is still in the air or when he pumps up the crowd after making a big 3. You might think Steph is cute and nice, but he is as big and bad as point guards come and it is fun to watch.