Saying Goodbye to ‘Johnny Football’

While Johnny’s football career is almost surely over, hopefully his aspirations for success do not die with it. Johnny needs to know that just because he will never be the football player he dreamed of, he should not stop dreaming. He could have a long, prosperous life ahead of him, but he cannot do that from behind bars. He is no longer Johnny Football. He is just Johnny, and Johnny needs to turn it around.

What’s Going on in Waco?

Just remember, Baylor did not happen because of football, or Art Briles, or a few bad guys on the team. Baylor happened because the administration deemed winning the Big 12 more important than upholding the values of the university. Baylor happened because it took practically 5 years for any of us to recognize that Baylor did not care about it’s students. Title IX is the nationally accepted minimum a university should do in being attentive to it’s female student’s safety needs. Baylor hardly made its implementation into their university practices a part of their to-do list, much less a priority. This should make every school take a look into the mirror. Hopefully they do not see anything as ugly as what has been transpiring in Waco, Texas.