About the site

This website was formerly a sports blog, which I managed with a journalism colleague (and good friend). It no longer operates as such, but much of the material originally posted on this site reflects that work and still remains as live content. The opinions of individual contributors to this site do not reflect the viewpoints of others or their employers. We do not own any images of the athletes or institutions featured on this website. If you need to contact either of us, our information is listed below.


My name is Charles Nichelson. I am enrolled at The University of Missouri, where I study Journalism and Political Science. I previously interned at NBCUniversal in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Always free to discuss things I have written about via comments or emails. All opinions expressed are my own.

Email: Charles.Nichelson@yahoo.com
Twitter: @Charlesnichel


My name is Charlie Clarke. I too am enrolled at Mizzou, where I study Journalism with a focus in sports. I’m currently a freelance sportswriter
for the Chicago Tribune Media Group also writing with Baseball Prospectus and 247Sports. In the past, I’ve been with WGN Radio, SB Nation, Scout.com, and others.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn or email me at clarkecharlie@sbcglobal.net





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