Multimedia Work by Charles Nichelson

I am an avid reader and writer who wants to utilize those skills to best communicate the news. I have worked for digital and television news outlets, writing breaking, exclusive and feature content for the Columbia Missourian, KXAS/, and KOMU 8 News. Through my experience as an Emma Bowen Scholar and the University of Missouri School of Journalism, I have experience writing hyperlocal, national, political, sports and entertainment stories for a number of media markets. Some of my on-camera experience can be found on the site, and a link to my resume.

Columbia Missourian work:
Missouri residents who support medical marijuana face multiple choices in November

Nickey Van Exel, Son of Former Mavs Player, Opens Up About Murder Conviction

KOMU Work:
This show was all about being creative and collaborative on a slower news day. Other than significant winter weather, there was not a ton going on in mid-Missouri. I made sure we had all the major national stories included and were as informative as possible. We also used the national content to transition to exclusive, local content. This show highlights the importance of a team effort, because my ideas could only come to fruition if I was able to express them to my reporters and work with them to make it happen. (11/09/2018)

This show is a near-opposite of the first. The challenge was fitting in all the local content while highlighting all of our reporters’ work. The promos throughout the day reflected all the things our reporter worked on. I made sure the show flowed well and did not miss anything essential. Sometimes producing the show means taking a backseat, but that does not mean being lazy. This show highlights the importance of working through your rundown so you keep the stories that will really make a difference to your audience.  (10/15/2018)

This show was all about timeliness. A day before the election, we had our reporters following all the biggest news from around the state. I made sure we included every angle we could and differentiated from all of our big stories. From election security to one of the biggest senate races in the country, I wanted our show to be a one-stop shop for election news. While the election is obviously far too dense to include everything, I’m proud of the coverage we provided as people looked forward to one of the biggest days of the year – and I made sure to keep the local stories that really effected the community. With television news, sacrifice is as much about balance as it is about selection. (11/05/2018)