A Summer of Learning: History, Our Greatest Teacher

Incidentally, this summer, I took on the task of writing up a brief history lesson everyday. Another great opportunity, thanks to my internship at NBCDFW, as a part of the Emma Bowen Foundation. While it’s a simple reading-and-reporting piece, it’s a great place to start exploring. It has energized me many-a-times to expand on my brief research and learn much more about the related people and topics that have shaped this nation and our world. Maybe you can find something of interest. And remember, history is day by day.

This Day in History: July 1, Brings us the Sony Walkman and Zip Codes

July 2 in History: LBJ Signs Civil Rights Act; Wal-Mart Opens; Zeppelin Takes Flight; and more

July 3 in History: FDR Dedicates Memorial at Gettysburg; “Dog Days” of Summer Begin; and US Shoots Down Civilian Plane

July 5 in History: Arthur Ashe Wins Wimbledon; Hormel Foods Introduces Spam

July 9 in History: Great Train Wreck of 1918

July 10 in History: Dallas Diocese Pays $23M in Sexual Assault Settlement; MLK’s Chicago Freedom Movement Demands

July 11 in History: Aaron Burr Shoots Alexander Hamilton; Babe Ruth Debuts; MLK Given Presidential Medal of Freedom

July 12 in History: The Rolling Stones Debut; Congress Authorizes Army Medal of Honor

July 13 in History: Thurgood Marshall Nominated to be U.S. Solicitor General

July 14 in History: Woody Guthrie and Gerald Ford Are Born

July 19 in History; Inaugural Tour De France: IRA Resumes Ceasefire; Donald Trump Nominated by GOP

July 20 in History: Apollo 11 Lands on the Moon; Canada Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage; and more

July 21 in History: Evolution in Education; Department of Veterans Affairs Established

July 24 in History: Bush Speaks on Operation Iraqi Freedom; VP Nixon Has ‘Kitchen Debate’

July 26 in History: Wall Street Suffers Major Losses; CIA & FBI Founded

July 27 in History: House Judiciary Adopts Impeachment Articles; Washington Creates The State Department; Bomb at The Atlanta Olympics

July 28 in History: Offensive Waged in Aleppo; World War 1 Begins; LBJ Increases Troops in Vietnam and more

July 31 in History: In London, Fierce Five Win Gold; Phelps Breaks Medal Record

August 1 in History: NORAD Established; Berlin Olympics Kickoff

August 2 in History: a President Dies; a Delta Flight Crashes; and Gabby Douglas Wins Olympic Title

August 3 in History: NBA is Born; Jesse Owens Wins First Medal

August 4 in History: Britain Declares War; Fairness Doctrine Abolished; and Serena Completes Golden Slam

August 5 in History: Nelson Mandela Captured; Nixon’s ‘Smoking Gun’ Tape

August 6 in History: ‘Little Boy’ Dropped; NY Judge Goes Missing; and Korean Air Flight 801 Crashes

August 9 in History: Ferguson Police Shoot Michael Brown; Gerald Ford Becomes President; and Jesse Owens Wins His Final Medal

August 10 in History: America Approves Reparations; Spider-Man Debuts; and John Saunders Passes

This chain will continue to grow as I work this summer. If you have uncommon knowledge of a historical event on an upcoming date, this summer, please email me – charles.nichelson@nbcuni.com. I would love to tell more stories.

Please forgive me for days skipped. I love history, but even I don’t work everyday.

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