I Just Got Tired of Waiting

Six more weeks. Just six more weeks until College Football Season. 40-something more sunrises until College Gameday and it cannot come fast enough.

This week I released College Football season previews for several marquee Big 12 programs and it got me excited. Anyone who knows me, knows I love football. My Saturdays and Sundays in the Fall are scheduled by the NCAA and NFL. (It’s a great way to live)

Regardless, I cannot wait. After reading and writing about all the biggest Big 12 storylines I was reminded how great College Football was. Baker Mayfield, Charlie Strong, Gary Patterson; there are some big time names with high expectations this year and that’s just in the Big 12.

In the ACC you get two title contenders and Clemson and Florida State. Deshaun Watson is the best player in College Football (sorry Christian McCaffrey/Leonard Fournette) and Dalvin Cook is as good a running back as anybody. When those two teams meet on the last weekend in October, I think it’ll be the best game of the year. If Florida State beats Ole Miss in its opener, then it should be two undefeated teams playing for the “virtual” ACC-championship game.


Well not exactly. Michigan has never been like this before, but they just might be great again. If not, we might actually start calling Jim Harbaugh crazy and possibly overrated. He’s a great coach, don’t get me wrong, but he might want to win something important soon. The only time he has won a college conference (or division for that matter) was the Pioneer League with the University of San Diego. Don’t feel guilty for not knowing what that is. Nobody does. Aside from UM, Iowa, Michigan State, Nebraska and Ohio State all have something to prove this year, so it should be interesting nonetheless.

The Pac-12, well nothing special is happening there. Except the kid who just broke Barry-freaking-Sanders NCAA record for All-Purpose yards is back for another season. If you somehow missed last season then I suggest you go down the Youtube-rabbit hole that is Christian McCaffrey Highlights. And he might not even be the best running back in College Football this year. It’s ridiculous. He’s no underdog story, he’s the big kid on the block. While the Pac-12 lost several of it’s biggest stars to the draft, Josh Rosen the UCLA-superstar is back and Oregon still has like 55 jersey combinations. Not everyone is motivated to stay up late and watch the teams out west, but I promise it’s worth it. #Pac12AfterDark is the real deal.

To wrap it up, we come back to the SEC. The reigning conference and National Champion is back and Nick Saban has proven that regardless of roster questions just go ahead and assume they’ll win 11 games minimum. If that isn’t enough for you Tennessee, like Michigan, should be a premier program again and Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Ole Miss, TAMU should all be pretty good too. So the conference should be a lot of fun. I also would like to note that Leonard Fournette, who may or may not be 35, is back to wreak havoc on your team’s defense. College Football is going to be ridiculously fun and if you aren’t super excited then here’s this Fournette highlight tape that is visually appealing in every possible way for football fans:

You’re welcome College Football fans, look forward to more moments like the ones seen above this Fall. I just got tired of waiting for College Football.

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