Saying Goodbye to ‘Johnny Football’

Five years ago, Johnny Manziel was just a south Texas, high school football hero. Now he is a 23-year-old who desperately needs help.

Nonetheless, he dominated in high school. During his time at quarterback for Tivy High School, he racked up 153 touchdowns and accolades galore. While his high school career was successful, he was not highly recruited. Read More

LeBron: Still The Chosen One

For sports fans, media, and organizations there is no end. There is always a next play, game or season. For players, their career is only so long, so while they strive for excellence, I hope they learn from the experience. There is a lot to learn from sports. I encourage every child to participate, because good or bad, there are infinite lessons to learn. One of the biggest lessons of them all, no matter how successful you are, people will want more. Prime example; LeBron Raymone James. Read More