What’s Going on in Waco?

I will admit, at first glance, I thought this was just another case of a university over-prioritizing football. That happens all the time. While this clearly is not one of those instances, sometimes the idol-ization of sports even leads to good things. It can be a means for overcoming economic hardship or a lack of educational opportunity. Then I gave it some thought and this issue is much deeper. This deals with sexism, institutional oppression, and an overall lack of humanity. What happened at Baylor has nothing to do with sports. Things like this happen because, as a whole, we do not place nearly enough focus on the safety of women. In cases like Baylor, we blatantly disregard it. Football did not cause all these problems, it just manifested them. Read More

The King Knows No Boundaries

First off, I would like to say welcome back, to any former readers. After a 4-month hiatus, I am happy to announce that I hope to begin writing regularly for “1st and Inches” again. In the time that has passed; the Broncos won the Super Bowl, the Warriors and Spurs completed 2 of the most impressive regular season’s in NBA history, and Stephen Curry has won yet another MVP award. That all leaves me with lots of stuff to talk about, but instead of rehashing the past, I would like to focus on the present and what is fresh. Oddly enough, what is fresh, is nothing new.

For the past decade roughly, the NBA has been LeBron’s world and everyone else has just resided in it. In that time, no other sport has had a star so unrivaled. That may be due to the fact that one player in basketball has a far greater impact on each game, but it also derives from the greatness of LeBron James. He will likely go down as one of the most dominant and versatile players in the history of the sport. He, like Magic Johnson, is in a class of his own, a basketball unicorn of sorts. There is no comparison to LeBron. The trouble in that is, how does one compare LeBron to Steph, Kobe, MJ, or any one else? He is not your average forward, guard, scorer, ball-handler, defender or anything else. He is a little bit of everything. This is not a story about all the things LeBron is great at, however, this is look at some of his struggles. Read More