Opposites Attract

In my life, there are 2 seasons, and I am not talking about the weather patterns in Texas. I am talking about “football season” and “not-football season”. Do not get me wrong. March Madness, Opening Day, and the NBA Playoffs are plenty of calendar worthy events to fill up the off-season. And if you sprinkle some college baseball in there you might even forget what you usually do on Sunday afternoons, but there is nothing quite like football. That holds even more true when comparing other sporting events to America’s biggest television draw. Read More

It’s Lonely On Top

Monday Night, when Alabama and Clemson square off, Nick Saban is coaching for a lot more than a National Championship. He is not coaching for his job, or any other job. Oddly enough, he is coaching for his 100th win at Alabama. More importantly though, he is coaching for a new legacy. The legacy as the coach of the greatest run in College Football history and that is no exaggeration. Read More