Why USC is 1 Bad Coaching Hire Away From Becoming Miami

List all of the Private School, FBS programs with, multiple national championships since 1980. Southern Methodist University, The University of Miami, and The University of Southern California make the list. Not even the great Notre Dame who many consider the best College Football program makes the cut. In reality, only 10 public schools have multiple national championships since 1980. So as far as “what have you done for me lately” goes, 90% of programs should respond, “not much”. It is tough to be excellent in this new, ultra-competitive, nationwide recruiting era of college football. This is not to say you cannot have a great season without winning a national championship, but expectations should become more relative. Read More

The Power of the Player

The University of Missouri had an immense impact on the rest of the NCAA this week. This came about because The University ignored the voices of graduate students, minorities, women, political groups and athletes, for months. Had the University shown some propensity to change this would have never happened, but it did and it changed college athletics for the better. What I am talking about has everything to do with the players strike and nothing to do with the issues. Without getting into the details of their cause, the Mizzou football team proved that college athletes have power. The team is only 4-5 and is not likely to make a bowl, but with the threat of them sitting out a game, The University of Missouri system’s president was forced to resign. Read More