Collegiate Athletes need to be paid. And no, not a cost-of-attendance stipend and not an “everybody gets an equal slice of the pie” payment. College athletes of every sport deserve to sell their services to a school.

I am writing this as a college student who is not going to school for free. I understand the value of scholarship in today’s society. I also understand this scholarship has NO VALUE to an anyone who is uninterested with getting a degree and no one has the right to tell him/her what they should value, athletes included. But a school should be able to offer whatever amount of money it deems appropriate to any player. Read More

2015-2016 NBA Season Preview

The 2014-2015 NBA Season was great. The Golden State Warriors, and their “3 and D” brand of basketball, had one of the most dominant single seasons in NBA history, LeBron James reaffirmed his greatness with one of the top 3 NBA Finals performances of all time, and the Western conference was as deep as a conference has ever been. Do not fear though NBA fan. This upcoming season will be better. Read More

Why The 2015 Texas Rangers are the Most Surprising Story in Baseball

The 2015 Texas Rangers and their fans had very little hope this season. Coming off a 67-win season with no blockbuster free agent deals, there was not a lot of reason for optimism. Then Yu Darvish went down for the year in spring training and pretty much every one around the MLB agreed that the Rangers ship had sailed. They would have to start rebuilding with a new manager and the Championship aspirations spawned from success from 2010-2012  were over. It would not have been unreasonable for the front office to have called it quits and hit the reboot button on the franchise. They had enough young talent like Joey Gallo that they could begin building for later and tell the fans to exhibit the toughest trait in sports, patience. Honestly, after an 8-16 start headed into a series against the up and coming Houston Astros, it felt like that is what was happening. Then Jeff Banister happened. Read More

Why Preseason Polls Are… Good?

College football fan, please stop complaining about preseason polls, you like them. Non-college football fan, please stop complaining about preseason polls, you do not understand their value. Obviously, preseason polls are the beginning of the buzz that college football brings. It is the start of the wonderful banter that comes with the sport. Yes, many people complain about how useless the polls are, but that is a narrow view point shared by many. In reality, while preseason polls are virtually guaranteed to have some inaccuracies, they typically reflect what the masses believe pretty accurately. Now some of you are yelling, “what about the minority view point that believes…?”. Well we cannot possibly hope to please everybody. If that were the case, I recommend you endorse each program releasing their own bias poll stating that they are the best team in the nation and allow them to brainwash you with whatever skewed statistic or excuse they can come up with. Read More